quinta-feira, março 28, 2013

Resultados da campanha de angariação de alimentos dos dias 23 e 24 de Março

Neste momento estamos todos com um ar parecido ao da Sara: um misto de alegria e estupefacção!!
Os resultados da Campanha de Angariação de Alimentos do passado fim de semana no supermercado Continente de Évora superaram todas as nossas expectativas e bateram o recorde da campanha anterior (que também já tinha batido os das anteriores): com a vossa ajuda conseguimos angariar  2736 kg de alimento para cão e gato!
Esta é mais uma prova de que os eborenses entendem e apoiam o trabalho desenvolvido pelo Cantinho dos Animais. Graças a vocês podemos continuar a alimentar os mais de 100 animais que temos a nosso cargo.

O alimento angariado distribui-se da seguinte forma:

ração seca e húmida para cão adulto e cachorros - 2269,6 kg

ração seca e húmida para gato adulto e gatinhos - 466,47 kg

trinca de arroz - 14 kg

snacks (cão e gato) - 20 embalagens

Para além do alimento para cão e gato angariámos ainda 418 kg de areia para gato, bem como 162 L de lixívia e outros detergentes.
Queremos agradecer ao supermercado Continente pela oportunidade, aos voluntários que tornaram isto possível, permanecendo, durante dois dias, de pé à porta do supermeracdo (bem como aos que ajudaram no carregamento do alimento para o CAT) e, como não podia deixar de ser, a todos os que contribuiram com ração e outros géneros!


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Linda disse...

Fico muito, muito, FELIZ!!!!

Linda disse...

Fico muito, muito, FELIZ!!!!

Rocio disse...

Parabéns pela campanha! Fico feliz que as pessoas ajudar os animais. Eu estou olhando para comprar Ração para Coelhos, você sabe onde eu posso conseguri? obrigado

Nélio disse...

Eu tenho um coelho, já dei algumas rações, mas após alguma pesquisa actualmente só lhe dou a Cuni Complete da Versele Laga.

Anónimo disse...

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Anónimo disse...

World ping surpasses Singapore male team reach a standard of risk of experience of group of Taipei of successful promotion China
Germany of Xinhua News Agency Duotemengde on March 29 sports special telegram (reporter Pan treats Jiao Yu) the first race day that contest of ping of world of the 51st organization received knockout phase at 29 days. Two male singles that undertaking above all in battle of 8 strong contention, singapore team with 3: 1 defeat White Russia team; And team of Chinese Hong Kong criterion struggle hard 5 later not enemy China Taipei team, adversary of watch sb go away promotes.
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"We the match leaves today the bureau is pretty good, the 2nd has opportunity score a success originally, the 3rd also is close to very much, but we are not quite in good luck, I committed a lot of simple mistakes in the 4th match, lost the race at this point, " Samusuonuofu accepts Xinhua News Agency after contest when the reporter is interviewed, say.
A 1/8 final that undertakes between China Taipei team and team of Chinese Hong Kong is unusually intense. First match makes tough experience fight, the Zhuang Zhiyuan of China Taipei team faces the Liang Zhuen of team of Chinese Hong Kong, hit full 5 bureaus just now win by a narrow margin. But the Chen Jianan of China Taipei team is beaten by Jiang Tianyi subsequently, score is broken even by Hong Kong team. Later, tang Peng of Wu Zhiqi beat easily, dan Zhuangzhi deep loses Yu Jiangtian again one. In argue of decide the issue of the battle, chen Jianan ability prepares high, with 3: 1 beat Liang Zhuen to win victory, help China Taipei team be squeezed into thereby 8 strong.
According to leg, singapore team will meet Japanese team head-on in 30 days, china Taipei team will face Korea group, the winner of two matches will promote 4 strong. (be over) 2012/03/30 08:29
This draft is manuscript of special railway line of sports of Xinhua News Agency, forbidden reprint.
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Anónimo disse...

The world cup sees a ball 6 great place: Room of dot of bar hot alarm clock is costly (graph)
? ? ? ? The flames of war of 2010 world cups is about to ignite in south Africa, those who believe the fan of domestic great majority can pass TV watch the game is live, however, although be to watch TV, but look where, look together with who, can have different feeling. Recently reporter collect all sorts of site that home visits a world cup, believe to always one kind suits you.

? ? ? ? The most lively place to go: Bar
? ? ? ? Bar, it is the room that most young fan sees ball first selection. A lot of youths express, because of the atmosphere in bar, they choose to see a world cup to bar, although the atmosphere over there cannot be compared with photograph of ball game spot, but still can make a person excitement, excited very much. One pile friend, no matter understanding still is not known, for common interest gathers, carry bock, match on a few snacks again, defending a back to cast color television, still can communicate the result of the team that values severally, player and comparative contest each other. In the bar of theme of a football of Beijing, the arrival that the boss shows pair of world cups special expect, he tells a reporter, he himself is fan of an iron lever actually, it is the faithful audience of [url=http://michaeljordanshoes.yolasite.com/]michael jordan shoes[/url] armour of De Jia, meaning at ordinary times, the flourishing age that won't miss this football more -- world cup. Now, he has been in prepared for the world cup, drank a lot of wine and beverage, "The battle that waiting for a world cup now. "The battle that waiting for a world cup now..